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Metta Wellness

 ​​Welcome to

Metta Wellness,
 Ayurveda, Massage & Wellness

 Ayurveda, Massage &  Herbal Wellness with Heather 

Metta Wellness is Located:

Inside Bhavan's Wellness Group

512 Main St, 2nd floor


(Enter 512 Main St, Shrewsbury at Center door with Wellness sign on awning, take elevator to 2nd floor, follow the hall to your left to Bhavna's Wellness Group, you will find Metta Wellness their)

Metta is the expression of Loving Kindness, this is what I try to bring to everything I do.

I offer Ayurvedic Treatments , Massage Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage along with Herbal Wellness right here in Shrewsbury, MA.

My goal here at Metta Wellness is to bring you a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit. I hope to provide you with the tools to a better lifestyle through massage, Thai bodywork, Ayurveda, herbs and organic products that will inspire you on your journey into whole health.

I have found my work as a massage therapist  and in holistic bodywork has transformed over the last few years and it has become so much more then massage. Ayurveda  and Massage are my first approach to a healthy life style, and from there adding essential oils, yoga, meditation, and healing  herbs in to my life and space have brought in a full healthy lifestyle. I am very passionate about my work, and encouraging my clients to take a step in their total health and balance of mind, body and spirit everyday. 

Metta means loving kindness, it is my goal to bring you to a space of loving kindness.  So as we take this journey to explore the many ways to create, learn and bring balance into our daily lives, I hope you will go with Metta each and every day.





                                                                                                                                           Balance of mind, body & Spirit

Metta Wellness © 2016 | All Rights Reserved, 512 Main St 2nd floor, Shrewsbury MA.,01545(located inside Bhavna's Wellness Group)

      Ayurveda, Massage & Herbal Wellness

Do you know your Dosha?

  Experience the difference by using the healing products I use everyday in my massage and herbal space, now  available to purchase. I can recommend just the right product to meet your holistic needs, or create a blend that works for you.

I have teamed up with local artist, farms and company's to make it simple, just click and order your supplies, and they will deliver to you with the convince of ordering from home. 

Here at Metta Wellness I work to bring you natural ingredients for skin and body care and every day balance. I continue to search for new products and  ingredients to formulate more efficient treatments .

My goal at Metta  Wellness is to bring you a holistic and organic product, because we absorb 60% of what we put on our skin, so lets work to get the best for our bodies.

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